Wrought iron outdoor furniture: A durable alternative to decorate your home

Muebles de exteriores hechos de hierro forjado - Wrought iron outdoor furniture

With the weather conditions of Costa Rica, typical of tropical countries, it’s possible to enjoy a sunny morning that quickly turns into rainy afternoon; these variations have an impact on the furniture of terraces and gardens.

But there is a practical, advantageous and permanent solution to neutralize environmental changes: Wrought iron furniture.

If wrought iron is covered with a coat of antioxidant paint, and another layer of paint, the furniture will bring great beauty and remain unchanged for a lot of time with virtually any maintenance.

Among other peculiarities, Iron allows manufacturers to make furniture without style limitations, ranging from the oldest classics to the most modernist and minimalist styles.

The style will depend on the characteristics of the space where they are going to be located and, ultimately, the concept of beauty and comfort of the client. With that in mind, it is possible to think in:

  • A set of furniture with rustic details, that combine with lanterns.
  • A set of furniture with a simple and original table with natural motives.
  • Armchairs for terraces and gardens complemented with a pedestal table and lanterns that provide a cozy atmosphere with a bohemian touch.
  • Garden chairs, excellent decorative furniture for the terrace, garden or balcony combined with cushions to make them more comfortable.

But there are also other allies of beauty, elegance and security, in the outer areas of residential and business buildings, such as railings and gates made of wrought iron only or combined with wood.

Variety is the spice of life and we elaborate furniture for outdoor and other structures that you require as a lasting alternative to decorate your home.

In Soldadura CMH we have extensive experience in manufacturing of all kinds of exterior furniture and we have the personnel, transport, equipment and all the necessary logistics to provide our services to any place of the country.

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