Buenos Aires

In addition to being the closest city of San Isidro de El General, Buenos Aires de Puntarenas is a community closely linked to the history of Pérez Zeledón and the entire Brunca Region of Costa Rica.

The road for mules built between Carthage and the villages of Térraba and Boruca, in the nineteenth century, has served as a communicating channel and source of fusion and brotherhood between the settlers of indigenous communities and settlers from the Central Valley. The missionaries who contributed much to forge the identity of the inhabitants of what is now Pérez Zeledón entered through Buenos Aires.

Due to its geographical location, Buenos Aires is a point of reference in the context of the Brunca Region, which also includes the cantons of Coto Brus, Osa, Golfito and Corredores.

The canton, with an economy mostly based on agriculture, has a fascinating culture for those who want to know about the indigenous culture of Térraba, Boruca and Rey Curré, and many adventure for those who want to enjoy the tourist attractions of Bioley and Olán, at the bottom of the Parque Internacional La Amistad.

In Soldadura CMH we are pleased to offer to the residents of Buenos Aires our services of manufacturing and installation of metal structures, furniture and ornaments. Our headquarters are located in San Isidro de El General, but we have the staff, specialized equipment, transportation and logistics to take our products to Buenos Aires of Puntarenas.

We specialize in the manufacture and installation of roofs, gates, gates, playgrounds, pergolas, furniture, railings, balconies and any structure or furniture that can be made in metals.

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