About us



CMH Welding is a company specialized in wrought iron. We solve the needs of our domestic and foreign customers with quality products and excellence. We produce beautiful and original designs that allow you to have the confidence and security you and your family need.


Being a leader in the market for forged metals, present in all the cities of our country. Permanent Offering innovation, creativity, efficiency, accountability and especially developing top quality services recognized

Our history

How did Welding CMH?

This company specializes in the design, manufacture, sale, installation and maintenance of all kinds of wrought iron works, stainless steel, and aluminum such as gates, metal doors, wood doors type, structures, roofs, sliding gates, swing gates, railings, pergolas, garden decorations, candle holders, candlesticks, furniture, chairs, play games, razor wire, car accessories, stools, benches, decorations for bathrooms, mirrors, chests, etc..

It was founded more than 12 years since its founding, the company has been distinctly familiar. Although in the beginning had little space, few people and offering so little since then sought to be recognized by the speed of service, quality and efficiency thereof.

Over the years the company has not only increased the number of people working on it and that have existing infrastructure. Turn to increase the number of products and services offered diverse and customer services.

The company not only grown in the areas listed above, but has also gained recognition, performance and robustness.


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