Palmares is the smallest canton in Alajuela, but it holds the second most populous city in the province.

The city is a peaceful community, but it is the hometown of the Palmares holidays, the largest and most massive civic event held in Costa Rica where attendees can enjoy from concerts, parties, sporting competitions, fireworks, bullfights, excellent meals and a lot of beer.

The canton is located in the Central Valley, and borders with San Ramón, Atenas and Naranjo.

The economy is diversified. Agricultural activities, such as the cultivation of coffee and tobacco, predominate, but it also has an important textile and wood furniture production, as well as the usual commercial activity from groceries stores, shoes, clothing, jewelry and meals.

Civic celebrations attract about one million people during two weeks of celebrations; but any day is good to visit this charming city.

With so many people coming, Palmares deserves requires their homes and businesses to be secure. For this, wrought iron structures can be used since, besides its beauty, they are extremely safe and can be placed, elegantly, in commercial buildings, condominiums or houses.

In Soldadura CMH we specialize in manufacturing wrought iron structures and construction, restoration, lighting, maintenance, remodeling, welding and other metal works.

We manufacture gates, pergolas, beds, chairs, benches, bar stools, wardrobes, bookcases, bedside tables, living room and dining room, for computer, TV, lamps, corner pieces, shelves, display cabinets, candelabra and all structure, furniture or decoration element that improves interior and exterior spaces.

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