During the initial decades of the tourism industry as an important sector of the national economy, the Osa canton was considered a sleeping giant.

The awakening of Osa was marginalized due to lack of infrastructure which was limited to an emerging development of Dominical and Uvita influenced primarily by the inhabitants of Pérez Zeledón and the sporadic tourists visiting other beaches located further south.

On the other hand, Drake bay, adjacent to the Corcovado National Park, stood out as a destination for scientists and picky tourists who could afford to travel to that remote community by sea or air.

Today, Osa is going through a spectacular evolution. Dominical is thriving by leaps and bounds; Uvita is becoming a prosperous community provided with all the services a city could have. The hotel and gastronomic infrastructure is prospering; supermarkets, banking agencies, gas stations are opening; Sports activities and recreation proliferate; the population centers are growing.

The attraction comes from a whole set of natural treasures, consisting of tropical forests and the legacy of ancestral cultures, some of them protected by the State, such as the Corcovado National Park, the Ballena National Marine Park and the Las Esferas National Park.

Wrought Iron safety and elegance

At Soldadura CMH we are pleased to contribute to Osa’s architecture with beautiful and secure elements.

We specialize making and installing structures, furniture and ornaments made of wrought iron and other metals. We are backed by an extensive experience and certified prestige in designing and crafting metallic structures and decorations.

Contact us, we can provide our services in the neighboring canton of Osa.

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