Like the other ten districts of the canton of San José, the Zapote district is a mainly urban and intensely populated area. This sector of the capital of Costa Rica has the particular importance of holding the residence of the Presidency of the Republic.

In addition to its institutional importance, it also holds the headquarters of the Presidency and Public Security departments.

This sector of the capital is relatively quiet to live in, it has good schools and colleges, and the beautiful Nicaragua Park located in front of the temple of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, it holds an important commercial activity thanks to its stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, etc.

But it’s just a few minutes away from the intensely bustling center of San José and although it benefits from having public institutions, museums, theaters and a wide business activity nearby, it also has, as unfavorable characteristic, the need for security measures in houses and, business and institutional buildings.

Hence the importance of taking security measures, by employing firm, durable and, preferably, elegant and beautiful structures that contribute to add value to the property.

At Soldadura CMH we are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of steel, aluminum, iron and wood structures that contribute to improving the security and appearance of residences and, institutional and business buildings.

We have a wide experience in the elaboration of gates, doors, games for playgrounds, pergolas, furniture, balustrades and balconies, designs in metal with wood-style inlays of animals and nature shapes, garbage dumps and any structure or furniture that can be made using metals.

Please contact us, we have the staff, the specialized equipment and the logistics to provide you our services in Zapote.

Learn more about our services on our website, you can also request a quotation by calling at (506) 2770-2022 and (506) 8822-8114 or sending an email to info@soldaduracmh.com. It will be a pleasure to provide you our services in Zapote!

Services we provide in Zapote, San José