La Union

Tres Ríos is located between the cities of Cartago and San José, it is the main community of the canton of La Unión, it has been one of the most familiar communities for the inhabitants of the Atlantic and South zones visiting the Costa Rican capital.

La Union is one of those cantons that combine the urban and the rural environments, its economy is evolving from agriculture to commercial activity. In fact, its commercial activity employs more than 50 percent of La Union’s workforce. This shows a sharp turn towards urban development.

In the Canton of La Union the urban and commercial operations are the main economic activities employing 51.55% of the total workforce. In rural areas, livestock and agricultural crops oriented towards coffee production and horticulture are losing ground. As usual of the Costa Rican economy, the development of small businesses is taking over.

Although the canton has beautiful scenarios, it has not had an important development towards tourism due to its proximity to the cities of San José and Cartago.

As in other cantons near the Greater Metropolitan Area, the inhabitants of La Union need to undertake protective measures in their residential and commercial facilities, within this need, elements such as security structures, elegance and beauty can complement each other.

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