San Diego

San Diego is a district of La Union, a canton with a privileged geographic location right between the cities of Cartago and San José.

It is located 1 kilometer southwest of the city of Tres Ríos, most of the city is an urban zone but, as many cities and towns of Costa Rica, it also has natural reserved areas surrounding it.

In the San Diego district there is the Cerros de La Carpintera Natural Protected Zone, while the rest is made up of trees, coffee plantations and pastures. Due to its geographical location, next to the Florencio del Castillo highway, and the presence of nearby schools, colleges and supermarkets like Terramall, San Diego is an exclusive area.

All these features are important factors that affect the architecture of residential areas which -in addition to safety measures for the inhabitants- deserve remarkable structures in their homes or businesses.

At Soldadura CMH we specialize in building and install wrought iron structures and furniture. We have the staff, specialized teams, transportation and logistics to take our services to San Diego de La Union.

We are backed by the knowledge and experience forging doors, gates and fences with colonial, modern or personalized designs, which provide security and bring elegance to the architectural scheme of a residential or business building; We make pergolas that adapt to the characteristics of each building and internal and external stairs and rails, mirrors, furniture and more.

In addition, we make accessories and decorative elements from candlesticks and candle holders to frames, magazines, shelves, pots, kitchen accessories and fan bases.

If you live in San Diego de La Union and you’re planning to improve the security of your business building or your home with elegant structures or furnish it with real works of art, you can learn more about our services on our website and request a quote calling us at (506) 2770-2022 and (506) 8822-8114 or sending an email to info@soldaduracmh.com. We are happy to help you!


Services we provide in San Diego