It is hard to imagine that -at some point in the past- the canton of Abangares, in Guanacaste, was the center of huge mining activity where squads of Costa Ricans, other Central Americans, Jamaican, Chinese, German, English and American workers worked. It was no wonder. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the Sierra de Tilarán scenario became comparable to the one California had with the gold rush.

The only remaining traces from that era have been preserved and protected in the Ecomuseum of Sierra de Abangares, these traces represent a somewhat unknown stage in the history of Costa Rica.

A peaceful canton was born from that community and inherited one of the richest territories of Costa Rica as regards of soil quality and products variety. Its economy remains strong thanks to the cement and salt industries, the exploitation of livestock and the production of coffee, citrus fruits, vegetables, rice, corn and avocado.

Abangares could not help but highlight its epic history and its cultural heritage with metallic structures that symbolize its greatness.

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