San Rafael

Privileged with one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Central Valley of Costa Rica, San Rafael de Heredia has become a development drive train characterized by its private clubs, restaurants, cabins and hotels.

To put it in some way, this place is an extension of the city of Heredia located on the slopes of the Barva Volcano, which borders on the north with the Central Volcanic Mountain Forest Reserve and the Braulio Carrillo National Park.

Visiting Monte de la Cruz is a must, this park has ranches, soccer fields, playgrounds and trails, ideal to visit with the family or a group of friends in order to enjoy a spectacular view of the Central Valley.

Make sure you don’t miss the Bosque de la Hoja, a project developed by the Municipality of San Rafael where the visitor can take a walk for a couple of hours, breathing the cold and pure air of the mountain.

In addition, San Rafael is the canton where Cerro Dantas is located, here visitors can take a walk on a green stone path, take part in an ecological expedition or a visit the Velo de Novia Waterfall.

This is a dream-like opportunity for those who want to stay in the administrative house, with dining area, electricity and rooms with hot showers.

The houses, shops and institutional buildings of San Rafael deserve to look beautiful and to have the best security systems by using wrought iron structures and decorations. Soldadura CMH provides a service backed by more than a decade of experience and a proven prestige in the design and development of structures and metal decorations.

Our headquarters are located in San Isidro de El General, Pérez Zeledón but we have the transportation means, specialized equipment, personnel and logistics to provide our manufacturing and installation of metal structures services in San Rafael de Heredia.

Learn more about our services on our website and request a quote through the phone numbers (506) 2770-2022 and (506) 8822-8114 or email us at info@soldaduracmh.com. We’re at your service.

Services we provide in Santa Rafael de Heredia