In Soldadura CMH we are experts in solving your requirements in various structures of wrought iron, through integral solutions that also contribute beauty and added value to residences, offices and commercial buildings with guarantee and to their entire satisfaction, throughout the province of Alajuela.

Our company is based in San Isidro de El General, Perez Zeledon, but has the personnel, specialized teams and logistics to bring our services to the entire northern province.

Alajuela is the third most extensive province of the country and its head of the same name is the second most populous city in Costa Rica. Given the fertility of its soils, Alajuela is the main producer of coffee, sugar, basic grains, fruits, legumes, tubers and vegetables.

It is the territory where the processing plants of the Dos Pinos (Cooperativa de Productores de Leche) are located and has the free zones of El Coyol, Saret, Montecillos and Bes, among others.

It has a diversity of tourist attractions, such as volcanoes, national parks, a national reserve of wildlife and five protective areas, as well as several forest reserves.

The province also has a variety of cities and towns that are a tourist attraction for visitors from the country and around the world.

All these are good reasons for their residences and buildings to be protected by forged, secure and refined iron structures. We have extensive experience in the elaboration of wrought iron structures, as well as in construction, restoration, lighting, maintenance and remodeling work.

If you live in the province of Alajuela and are thinking of reinforcing the security of your house with elegant structures, learn more details about our services on our website and request a quote through the phone numbers (506) 2770-2022 and (506) 8822 -8114 or email info@soldaduracmh.com. It will be a pleasure to assist you!

Services we provide in Alajuela