Cañas is a Guanacaste canton strategically located for those who are visiting many of the most attractive tourist destinations in the northwest of the Costa Rican territory.

The traveler can enjoy the true lifestyle of Costa Ricans, venturing through bars, clubs and restaurants and perhaps interact with popular dance groups dressed in folk clothing.

And, of course, the visitor must visit the Catholic temple to admire the visual effects of 80 thousand brilliant multicolored mosaics artistically designed by the Costa Rican artist Otto Apuy. It is a work of art.

The economy of this canton is based mainly on sugar cane, the cultivation of tilapia and, to a lesser extent, on livestock, rice and cotton. It has not achieved a significant development of the tourist activity, although that is starting to change thanks to the rise in the rural tourism sector.

But that does not mean this canton is oblivious to tourism. In Cañas there is located the Palo Verde National Park, a sanctuary of 184 square kilometers, where 250 thousand birds arrive at the end of the rainy season.

We will love to bring a beneficial addition to this beautiful community of Guanacaste, with structures, furniture, ornaments and iron accessories. The metal provides security and elegance to residences, offices and commercial and institutional buildings.

In Soldadura CMH we specialize in the manufacture of metal structures, with the best modern and traditional designs suiting the taste of the most demanding Customer, our services are duly guaranteed.

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