With only 8.15 km2, Tibás is the third smallest canton of Costa Rica and, nevertheless, it is the most densely populated in the country, with more than 80 thousand inhabitants.

It borders the cantons of Santo Domingo, San José, Goicoechea and Moravia. It is, in some way, an extension of San José, the capital of Costa Rica and part of the Great Metropolitan Area.

Although it is a relatively peaceful canton, there is no way to deny its impact on other nearby places.

Tibás and San José are the only cantons in Costa Rica whose territories are considered as totally urban.

Because of its closeness to the educational and vocational institutions of Costa Rica’s capital and the city of Heredia -as well as its relatively easy access to the entire GAM- it is also especially attractive for students and teachers.

It is also, as a point of reference, the canton where the Ricardo Saprissa Stadium is located.

Due to the nature of the socio-economic activities of its inhabitants, Tibás is a community that demands strict security measures for inhabitants, business buildings and residences.

For the reason it’s important to opt for metal structures that strengthen the security and contribute to the beautification of this city/canton of the province of San José.

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