Religious temples are usually surrounded with the main architectural monuments of a city, that’s why you cannot miss the one of Siquirres: a beautiful dome that contributes to the picturesque features of this peaceful city on the Costa Rican Atlantic zone.

Siquirres is the capital city of the Siquirres canton, located in the Limón province. The economy of the Siquirres canton is mainly focused on pineapple and banana production, activities magically combined with the ecological tourism.

Although peaceful, Siquirres is not at all boring. After the visitor has enjoyed observing the architectural features of the city, the attractive market and has recreated in the square, the visitor can now travel along the Pacuare or the Reventazón rivers, to the Tortuguero lagoons.

One of the interesting experiences that the visitor can have fun of is the “banana tour”, an agro tourism project visited by tourists from different parts of the world. Tourists make a tour over a farm, which allows them to know about the history of the banana industry, the contribution to the development of the different ethnic groups that worked in the construction of the railroad and the support they later gave to banana production. 

Siquirres is the third canton of the Limón province; It’s accessible from San Jose by two different routes that offer spectacular panoramic views: one of them is the Cartago/Paraíso/Juan Viñas/Turrialba route and the other goes through the amazing Braulio Carrillo National Park.

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