Palo Verde National Park is located in the province of Guanacaste, a plus 45-thousand-hectare park with lagoons, mangroves, grasslands and forests, where tourists and researchers from all over the world come to appreciate its abundant biological diversity.

This park is a landmark point of Bagaces, a picturesque Guanacaste canton characterized by the friendliness of its inhabitants and the seductive natural attractions.

An environmentalist canton

The community of Bagaces is known for the intense and visionary work related with environmental conservation. The headquarters of the Tempisque Conservation Area is located in this canton.

A third of the economy of the canton is based on agriculture; as well as industry and commerce.

With the potential it has and a change of perspective, Bagaces is planned to become an important tourist destination, and that demands a turn in the concepts of beautification and security of residential and commercial buildings.

At Soldadura CMH we transform everything, with the aesthetics, maneuverability and safety provided by metal structures. We specialize in manufacturing and installation of roofs, gates, tailgates, playgrounds, pergolas, furniture, railings, balconies and any structure or furniture that can be made in metals.


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