San Isidro de Heredia

San Isidro is a picturesque, pleasant and peaceful city, which is only 8 km of Heredia and 18 km of San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.

Although it is part of the Great Metropolitan Area, this community has a lot of touristic potential due to its somewhat rural appearance and its proximity to the Braulio Carrillo National Park, one of the most beautiful national parks in Costa Rica.

It is also the main community of San Isidro district and the main city of San Isidro, sixth canton of Heredia.

San Isidro is a canton with many aquifers, a treasure that allows it to provide drinking water to various neighboring communities and even to sectors of the city of San José.

Although San Isidro is a semi-rural canton, a very high percentage of its economy (95%) is concentrated in industrial activities and services, so a large part of the workforce must move to work in other cantons of the GMA.

Because of the beautiful structure that characterizes San Isidro and its surroundings and the particular economic activity of its workers, who most of them in large percentage must move outside the community, the canton deserves the best metal structures.

In Soldadura CMH we specialize in manufacturing and installing structures, furniture and ornaments of wrought iron and other metals. We are backed by an extensive experience and certified prestige in designing and crafting metallic structures and decorations.

We have transportation, equipment, specialized personnel and the necessary logistics to take our services to San Isidro de Heredia. Please contact us and let us know about our project.


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