Caldera is a village that is part of the canton of Esparza, in the province of Puntarenas. It is, in fact, the largest and most important seaport -for commercial purposes- of the Costa Rican Pacific Ocean.

The port is located 28 km southeast of Puntarenas and 26 km east of Orotina and has an area of almost a quarter of a million square meters.

Its importance is enormous to the Costa Rican economy because of its role in the import and export of goods and as a source of jobs.

The district has great tourist appeal thanks to its cliffs which offer a great view towards the Caldera Bay and the chance to perform paragliding flights.

This place privileged to have the Tivives Protected Zone, a forest area intended to protect the last coastal remnants of the dry tropical forest in the Central Pacific region, located just five kilometers from the port.

In addition, Puerto Caldera is an arrival point for cruise ships traveling through Central America, Mexico and the United States, a major reason to give the best image to visitors.

At Soldadura CMH we can make an important contribution to the Caldera community in terms of safety and beauty. We manufacture and install wrought iron structures such as gates, doors, windows, fences, bleachers and pergolas which provide a lordly touch to residences and business buildings.

We also manufacture furniture and ornaments for interiors and exteriors with the styles and shapes that the customer needs, we also provide construction, restoration, remodeling, lighting and maintenance services.

We have the transport, specialized equipment, staff and logistics to take our metal structures manufacturing and installation services of furniture, ornaments and construction work to Caldera.


Services we provide in Caldera – Puntarenas