Because of the nature of its economy -based on agriculture and livestock- Matina, 5th canton of the province of Limón is a primarily rural territory but its protected wild areas give this location an enormous touristic potential.

The head of the canton is also called Matina, it is located 35 kilometers west of the city of Limón and the humid climate favors the production of cocoa and fruits.

Because of the low development, Matina has attracted the attention of institutions such as the Rural Development Institute which has been working on the implementation of projects that contribute to improving the economic and social conditions of its inhabitants.

Huge touristic potential

Although development approaches depend on the initiatives taken by the inhabitants along with the support of public institutions, it’s easy to understands why its potential must be reached through tourism development thanks to the presence or its proximity to wild areas which truly natural treasures.

Some of those beautiful natural areas are:

  • La Amistad National Park.
  •  Barbilla National Park
  •  Limoncito National Mixed Wildlife Refuge
  • Río Pacuare Forest Reserve
  • Cuenca del Rio Banano Protected area


Safety and elegance of wrought iron

It’s recommended to strengthen the homes and businesses in this area with durable materials such as wrought iron.

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