Elaboration of iron doors for houses and companies

[:es]puertas de hierro en Costa Rica[:en]iron gates in Costa Rica

Each component of a building, regardless if it is house or a commercial establishment, is part of an architectural complex that symbolizes the character, the taste, well-being and even the social and economic condition of the owners.

The walls, the ceiling, the windows, the access roads, the green areas, the color of the building are elements that must be combined to provide a feeling of beauty, safety and comfort. Among these components doors occupy a special place.

Before entering a house or a company building, the first thing the visitor encounters is the door and from that first look will highly depend the impression the visitor will have about the rest of the building.

Doors are part of the design

An iron door will always cause amazement because of its beauty and the sense of security it provides as long as it has been designed and manufactured following the architectural line of the building.

When choosing a wrought iron or steel door, it is important to follow the original style of the building. An old court house or shopping center will demand old-looking doors and a modern house or business building will look better if the doors are modern.

The advantage of the metals is that they allow to elaborate structures and ornaments with almost no limits. The doors can be only metallic or combined with glass, wood and other inlays according to the tastes of each person.

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