Wrought iron lamps and lighting

Lamps made with wrought iron are works of art that no one can ignore when entering in a room, bedroom, temple, restaurant, office or castle.

They are beautiful elements that express the emotions and feelings of the customer and the skills, inspiration and experience of the blacksmiths who design and create them.

Its details have no limits: bouquets, spirals, curves or images of nature. They make up components from lighting sources such as ceiling and foot lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, soffits and lanterns.

Elegant and useful

The versatility of iron not only facilitates the forging of decorative elements such as lamps, flowerpots, magazine racks, frames for mirrors; Its usefulness also applies in the manufacture of chairs, tables, beds, gates, bleachers, handrails and doors.

When it comes to furniture and structures exposed to the elements, it has an advantage over other materials, due to its strength and long durability. And it always provides elegance:

  • In the manufacture of furniture, iron can be combined with stone, glass and wood. Because of their beauty, furniture is suitable for residences or offices.
  • In residences and buildings doors and entry gates, Iron provides security and attractiveness if they match the existing architectural set.
  • In addition to safety, pergolas, handrails and internal and external stairs made of iron contribute to create seductive spaces.

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