Metal roof structures construction in Costa Rica

Construcción de estructuras metálicas para techos en Costa Rica - Metal roof structures

The excellent relationship between strength and volume, the standardized parts available and the flexibility which allows metal structures to be shaped in any form by the architectural designer are just a few of the many advantages metal structures have over other construction materials.

Using steel as a material for the construction of metal structures makes a significant contribution to the ecological purposes that identify Costa Ricans since steel is sustainable, recyclable and reusable.

Metal roof structures are a guarantee of safety and resistance and deliver a number of benefits to the builder and the owner:

  • Thanks to its strength/volume ratio, structures made with steel are lighter than those made with metals. This is especially important when using large beams.
  • The properties of steel remain unchanged over time when compared to other materials such as concrete.
  • If metal structures are given proper maintenance their can last indefinitely.
  • Its high ductility and toughness allow it to withstand large deformations without failing under high stress, this especially important in countries such as Costa Rica which is so prone to wild.
  • Its assembly is relatively easy and fast due to its weight and symmetry and because the parts can be joined using various connectors such as welding, screws and rivets.
  • It’s economic because the money saved on foundations can be used to build higher buildings and structures.
  • The metal structure can be disassembled and reused when the life of the building ends.

These are just some of the advantages the metal structures we distribute and install in Soldadura CMH have, Soldadura CMH is company with wide experience in the construction of metal structures for roofs in Costa Rica.

We have highly trained personnel in the elaboration of all kinds of structures for ceilings and manufacture of furniture, stairs, fences, doors, ornaments, etc.

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