Display furniture made of wrought iron

Muebles - Furniture

Display furniture is an important factor in the sale process because it is the display window to show the clientele the products ordered, clean and categorized in all their splendor.

But it is also an important factor to show the client a touch of distinction and appreciation when we talk about tables, seat and benches.

Moreover, the characteristics of wrought iron are widely known: its strength, durability and malleability that allows the blacksmith to create true works of art using the most creative designs and features.

The ideal display furniture must have the correct height, appropriate lighting and arrangement for the displaying the products in a creative and attractive way to promote the brand.

  • The gondola, a linearly arranged furniture that aims to display the products in a way the consumer can reach them to compare and evaluate them.
  • The detachable but resistant and stable shelves, a multilevel storage system.
  • The shelves, specially designed for displaying refined and pricy high-quality products.
  • The displays and stands for the companies looking for capture the attention of visitors in the fairs and exhibitions.

We manufacture commercial furniture with the design and purpose you need it.

At Soldadura CMH we are professionals in manufacturing structures, furniture and ornaments made of wrought iron alone or combine with other materials such as wood and glass.

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