Installation of gate openers

Automated openers contribute to the joy of returning home safe and avoid users to get wet by having to leave vehicle to open and close the gate.

Gate opener’s undeniable utility make them an ideal complement for a business or residential building that is already being protected by doors and gates that enhance its beauty.

In the market there is a wide range of automatic doors and gates openers from several brands that meet the highest quality standards and each one of them suit the specific characteristics of each door or gate according to their type (folding, sliding, lifting doors, etc.)

At Soldadura CMH we’re known for our extensive experience in designing and making gates and a wide variety of structures, furniture and metal ornaments but in addition to that we also offer a wide range of gate openers as well as installation services. We install and sell:

Chain openers:

These are the most used due to their relatively easy installation, their price and the different types of doors and gates (folding, sliding, tilting, etc.) they can be installed on.

Their main characteristic is that the chain motor fixed to the axis of the rotor to transmit the mechanical movement.

These are ideal for residential use due to their low relative power and their capacity for dozens of remote controls.

Piston openers:

They are considered perfect for folding, small, metal, wooden or PVC pedestrian doors.

They are versatile since they can be installed in reduced spaces such as doors next to walls or columns. They also open and close very fast and in a safe way thanks to its irreversible motor and the safety piston with integrated limit switch.

Slider opener:

Generally used in large and heavy sliding gates on garages and house fronts where it is important to have no height or lateral space limitations. The bigger and taller the gate, the greater the force required to open and close it.

They are solid mechanisms that have a long service life and do not need electromagnetic locks since sliding doors already have their own safety locks integrated. Thanks to they can be operated manually, they are very functional in case of a power outage.

The opening devices for doors and gates are elements that must work with precision to avoid unsettling noises, wear on the components and wasting electricity. This is why it is important the installation is in charge of professionals.

Remember that, in addition to the security and aesthetics they provide, the doors of a residence say a lot about the personality of their owners and when it comes to metal structures with rustic designs, they also denote good taste and distinction.

At Soldadura CMH we are experts in all types of metal structures and our goal is to offer the best modern and traditional designs with the luxury, elegance and functionality you desire.

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