Personalized iron windows

Ventanas personalizadas en hierro

Nobody passes in front of an iron windows without noticing it, and being amazed by its beauty. Its resistance and durability have given iron a privileged place throughout history, for the security it provides to homes or businesses.

In addition, due to its malleability and nobility it is still a material that offers beauty and distinction, equally, in country or city buildings, rustic, colonial or modern.

The versatility which characterizes iron in relation to other constructions materials allows it to achieve designs dictated by imagination: bars with the shape of flowers and animals, balconies for decorative plants, plots for plants to climb and extend or, simply, frames for windows that reinforce security and give the resident a sense of confidence.

Windows can be made of bars, gates or forged iron decorations with combination of wood, which give the unparallel sensation of nature, or with glass to let the light in. Windows, doors, pergolas, with curved decorations, straight or wavy and with European, oriental, Scandinavian, colonial, minimalist, personalized styles … with iron we forge works of art.

At Soldadura CMH we have more than a decade of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of metal decorative structures, furniture and accessories. We have the staff, specialized teams and transportation to take our services anywhere in the national territory where you request it.

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