Wrought iron handrails

Barandas Hierro

A wrought iron handrail makes the difference, not only because it meets and exceeds the security provided by handrails made with other materials but because its amazing work art beauty.

It fulfills the double function of providing support and protecting people and looking like an elegant decoration element with traditional, modern or personalized features, indoors or outdoors, in steps or balconies.

As an additional complement to these advantageous qualities, a railing made of iron looks immutable even with the pass of time and the influence natural elements such as humidity, sun and particles that travel in the wind.

The flexibility of wrought iron allows to build handrails with the characteristics the customer wants, suitable for any space, using the desired structure (straight, curve, foldable, in sections, spiral) and designs like geometric or natural shapes.

With these advantages, plus the experience, skill and knowledge on making these structures, furniture’s and ornaments, at Soldadura CMH we are pleased to offer our manufacturing services for a wide variety of handrails:

  • Handrails with dynamic designs that can be adapted to the architectural characteristics of the building, thus adding an aesthetic value.
  • Handrails separated or integrated to the staircase to increase its overall artistic value.
  • Decorated handrails for buildings with dynamic or minimalist elements for houses with sober architectural designs.
  • For external stairs which contribute to give a more delicate aspect to the residence or the business building.
  • Combined with other materials such as other metals, stone and wood.

At Soldadura CMH we specialize in building and install wrought iron structures and furniture.

We have the staff, specialized equipment and transportation to provide our services anywhere in the national territory.

We invite you to learn more about our services in our website and to request a quotation for free.

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