Security doors in forged iron

Puertas de seguridad en hierro forjado

Selecting iron as a building material for a door is more than a contribution to the security of a residence or a business building: it is choosing an element that brings elegance and distinction.

A forged iron door is an antique masterpiece which guarantees pleasure for the owners, children and grandchildren with minimal maintenance, with a design adaptable to all kinds of architectural concepts.

The versatility of iron and the skill of the blacksmith have no limits. The customer can choose from elegant doors of classical style, modest modern designs or a combination of both, like the European tradition of combining iron with other materials like stone, glass or wood.

Iron can adapt to everything

When it comes to esthetics and security, all buildings are suitable for the installation of an elegant iron door at the entrance, as well as in all accesses to porches, halls, libraries, and offices.

At Soldadura CMH we have more than a decade of experience in the elaboration of structures, furniture and ornaments made of steel, aluminum, wood and forged iron and in the performance of construction, restoration, lighting, maintenance and remodeling works.

We have the best disposition to make and install the doors you need for your residence, business or institutional building, according to the designs you choose in catalogs or with the personalized details that you prefer.

We have capable staff, specialized teams, and transport to take our services to any place in the national territory.

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