Modern wrought iron gates

Portones modernos - Modern gates

Wrought iron is a traditionally associated with lordly residences and their heavy structures, furniture and ornaments loaded with complex and symbolic elements and forms.

Its beauty is undeniable and its function has much to do with the tradition of the owners and its strength to guarantee sovereignty over the building and the land where it’s set.

But… do a gothic or baroque style gate or a balcony would look good in a modern building?

Modern architecture tends to be functional and is characterized by simple designs and straight lines without any further ornamentation. The interest is focused on symmetry and taking advantage of spaces.

It will depend on the particular characteristics of a house, farm or business building whether the entrance gate should be foldable, slideable or liftable, whether it should have a shutter or exterior lock and whether it should be a simple or double gate made of metal sheets and injected with polyurethane.

Residential iron gates

The wrought iron entrance gates provide security and privacy and enhance the aesthetics of the residence and, as an additional contribution, they allow for pets to move freely with no chance of escaping.

Today’s construction tends to be minimalist without unnecessary decorations or large unoccupied spaces. To adapt to the modern architecture, gates also tend to be simple, based on symmetrical lines but their functionality remains strongly attached to security, aesthetics and durability.

It is also possible to add a remote opening device powered by electric motors that provide comfort. With technology, you don’t have to get out of the vehicle or run in the rain to enter your garage or living room.

Modern hotel gates

The tourism industry is relatively recent and, with the exception of hotels in old cities you can perceive a tendency to follow traditional architecture, modernity assumes the avant-garde.

In hotel infrastructure such as airports and shopping malls, where any kind of complexity that leads to confusion is minimized, the practicality is imposes over everything.

Part of that modernity also has to do with the security aspects: adding gates contribute to providing a feeling and a guarantee of safety without undermining the beauty of the environment.

Access control systems are required, both inside the building or hotel complex, as well as in balconies, terraces, patios and gardens.

As in other aspects of modern architecture, wrought-iron gates guarantee durability and safety and provide elegance and beauty, especially if the design matches the characteristics of the building and its environment.

Wrought iron alone or combined with other materials such as wood and glass remain the material par excellence for gates, thanks to its versatility that allows it to adapt to all kinds of forms, needs and tastes.

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