Wrought Iron: Safety and elegance for your home

The versatility of iron facilitates making structures, furniture and ornaments with the most varied design possibilities and its combination with other materials complements the harmony of any house by adding warmth and distinction.

Wrought iron provides security and elegance and the possibilities are unlimited: from doors, windows, gates, fences and stairs to indoor and outdoor furniture and decorative items.

Security is no longer limited to the strength of a sturdy material with a sober finish typical of castles and stately homes built to survive for centuries.

The malleability of iron when subjected to high temperatures, now favored with the use of modern machines, facilitates the creation of decorative pieces as detailed and beautiful as the owner’s imagination.

Today it is possible to forge structures using classic, medieval, vintage or modern styles with iron or iron in combination with other metals, wood, glass, etc.

  • The classic design enhances the strength of structures and furniture due to its primarily black color.
  • The medieval design, elaborated with new manufacturing techniques and combined with other materials provides great results.
  • The Art Deco style, so characteristic of the 20s, adds architectural richness to vintage-style buildings. This style looks spectacular at the entrance doors to receive guests.
  • Modern styles include minimalist designs which can be both simple and crossed lines and adaptable to abstract designs that reflect modernity.

Wrought iron adapts as the concepts of beauty and usefulness of architectural design change but it remains untouched as an element that provides security.

Used in a table, a bedroom headboard, a bench, a pergola, a balcony or a hall furniture, iron turns any space into an elegant and pleasant piece of art. And not to mention the contribution of iron when combined with wood, glass or marble.

In Soldadura CMH we are professionals in iron forging. We manufacture and install structures, furniture and decorative artifacts made of wrought iron and other metals, we also provide construction, restoration, lighting, maintenance and remodeling services aimed to satisfy our customers.

Contact us. We provide security and elegance for your home.  We have the staff, transportation means, equipment and all the necessary logistics to take our services to anywhere in Costa Rica.