Fences and structures made with wrought iron

Whether you like it or not, keeping your property safe is one of the greatest challenges that Costa Ricans must face; but that does not mean in any way we have to turn buildings into dark, unsightly cages.

The architectural design includes fences, doors and structures that add value to business, institutional and residential buildings both for safety purposes and the embellishment of walls, facades and interiors.

Thanks to the versatility and strength of wrought iron, and the implementation of creative design, it provides both security and a great aesthetic look to a classic residence or modern building.

The possibilities are almost infinite, this material can be used in gardens, walls, balconies, doors, windows and terraces, and not only to protect business or personal property but also to guarantee people’s safety.

Here are some designs and uses for gates you can choose for your building:

Spearhead fences:

Since they are installed in the most visible part of the building, front fences usually receive special attention. They reflect the personality of the owner and those who work or live in the building. It is also a vulnerable sector criminals can use to break in, that’s why it is important to include spearheads as an additional security element to keep intruders out.

Loop fences:

This type of fence has intertwined bars that keep animals and people out. These fences are often used to reinforce the security provided by wooden doors and windows.

Colored fences :

Although fences have been traditionally painted black or gray, they can be painted on any color de owner wants. This type of fence is suitable for those who prefer classic designs that provide a feel of modernity and vitality.

Fences for balconies:

They provide elegance and security both in balconies and windows.Wrought iron fences allow people to breathe and enjoy fresh air in a safe and quiet environment. Plus, superbly designed fences make the building look beautiful.

Wrought iron fences and structures not only allow an infinite range of designs in combination with other materials but they also increase the harmony and beauty of a building.

At Soldadura CMH we have the experience, knowledge, skill and the equipment required to make wrought iron fences with the security standards and designs you prefer. We also have the staff, specialized equipment and transportation logistics to provide our services anywhere in the country.

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