Wrought iron lamps manufacturing

Lámparas hierro forjado

Wrought iron is the perfect material to manufacture an immense variety of structures and furniture, there are reasons to affirm that, in regards to lamps, the number of models and styles are infinite, surprising and exciting.

A lamp made of wrought iron is an element that provides light and transforms any interior or exterior, large or small space. The lamp can stand on the floor or a table or hang from the celling or a wall; they could be complex or minimalist, old, traditional or modern.

It can be a shaped or decorated with swans, toucans, plants, flowers, emblems or logos. Let’s list some of them:

  • Lanterns: These come in rustic, classic, modern, fernandine, isabelline, palace, imperial styles… They allow an artistic modelling that combines iron with cast aluminum and are ideal for outdoor spaces such as gardens, parks, patios and terraces.
  • Lampposts: These are large lanterns, usually composed of several arms and lights which are used to illuminate and beautify gardens, parks and terraces. They can be combined with other metals, such as aluminum.
  • Wall lamp: They come in rustic, modern and classic styles. They’re intended to use in interior rooms such as kitchens, living rooms, corridors and bedrooms.
  • Recessed lamp: It can be manufactured with wrought iron in combination with ceramics or crystals for light bulbs or bars.
  • Table lamp: Lamps intended to illuminate interiors with different shapes and styles combined with glass tulips or fabric screens. They look especially elegant in bedrooms, if you they match the beds and headboards.
  • Ceiling lamps: They can be manufactured in different sizes, artistic forms and materials such as wrought iron combined with fabrics, glass tulips or other materials. They look fascinating when used for illuminating salons for events, hotels and restaurants.

In Soldadura CMH we are specialists manufacturing wrought iron structures, furniture and ornaments. We have the experience, knowledge, skill and equipment to manufacture wrought iron lamps with the details the client requests.

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