Construction of wrought iron gates in Costa Rica

Construcción de portones en hierro forjado en Costa Rica

Entrance doors and gates are architectural components of a building that have a lot to do with the status, personality and taste of its owners and residents.   it is no longer just about the classic gates from the numerous past-century residences showing strength and establishing a boundary between social classes.

Today, the gates fulfill both functions; protecting and making residences and buildings look beautiful, and now acquiring them is open to many different tastes and budgets.

Gate manufacturing techniques have also evolved, thanks to the versatility of simple, practical and beautiful minimalist gates made of wrought iron gates combined with other materials with designs as complex as those your imagination can think of.

Would you like either a gate that shows simplicity and strength or a work of art with natural depictions? Do you like gates with wavy figures towards the edges? A gate made of different materials, such as glass or wood?

The alternatives are as varied as the client’s imagination:

Formality and strength: A gate made of a single material and color that enhances the hardness of the metal, creates a sense of security while it is provided with negative spaces to reduce the “shield” impression.

Delicacy and elegance: It does not seem fair to take strangers away from the admiring the dream-like gardens that surround a residence or building with an armored gate.Instead, a wrought-iron gate with delicate ornaments allows to see the landscape without depriving the building of security.

Creativity and mastery: Creativity without limits is not an obstacle.A gate can be built either following the architectural parameters of the building or with an independent structure but, in any case, it can be shaped with silhouettes natural depictions to satisfy locals and strangers.

Wood looking gates: For customers who dislike the appearance of metal and prefer the characteristic charm of wood, there are good news for themA special effect made with paint can give the iron the natural appearance of wood with which it is possible to combine the strength of the metal with a natural look.

Materials: Wrought iron allows to combine different materials so that they can be incorporated into the gate. Wrought iron can be combined with materials such as glass and wood and even control machines.

The possibilities of creating a safe gate that fulfills the taste of the client are endless, but knowledge and experience is required to achieve perfect alignments, precision in the preparation of the components and accuracy in their installation.

At Soldadura CMH we are experts in crafting wrought iron gates.We have the experience, knowledge, skills and equipment to build gates with the security features and designs you order.

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