Beds and furniture made of wrought iron

Camas y muebles en hierro forjado - Beds and furniture made of wrought iron

Wherever the wrought iron furniture is placed it represents comfort and distinction.

It’s synonym of strength, delicacy and creativity. Designing and developing is an art achieved by heating the iron until reaching high temperatures so it can be shaped using a hammer. Then, the forged pieces are suddenly cooled to give them strength and solidity.

The malleability of metal allows to build beds, furniture, gates and ornaments with designs as varied as you can imagine. Iron works great with other materials, so it is possible to combine it with wood, glass, marble and ceramics.

When talking about wrought iron furniture the classic styles come to mind: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical, Imperial, Victorian and a whole list of other styles.

And while it is true that the furniture of ancient styles is considered as pieces of art, the designs have evolved towards more refined and functional styles according modern architecture. Its confection depends on the tastes and preferences of the client.

Our iron beds

The iron beds have given that romantic and nostalgic touch to the old rooms that continues to please in the present.

Not only are resistant and durable, they don’t deteriorate or even demand maintenance to keep in good condition.

Since they are manufactured with iron, they can be built following modern designs adapted to the characteristics of each bedroom.

Our furniture

In Soldadura CMH we manufacture beds, chairs, tables, benches, mirrors and shelves, among other furniture with the consistency and decorations that the client requests.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to advise our clients about the combination of materials, proportions, styles, colors and sizes to provide a harmonious and good taste to your residence, office or commercial building.

We have everything necessary to take our services to anywhere in the Costa Rican territory. Visit our website to check in detail our products and request a quote with no strings attached.